How do I get more Respect?

You get respect by battling other players. If you win against players with a higher Skill-level than your own, you will gain a lot more Respect than if you play lower players.

Click here for more information on Skill-level

Every day the Respect of all players drops. Therefore if you don’t show up to any competitions for a while, you will soon be forgotten and your Respect diminishes.

What is the Skill-level?(β™”β™•β™—β™˜β™–β™™)

The Skill-level indicates how well a user plays in battles. If you win agains a player with a higher Skill-level you gain more Respect than against a lower rated player.

Here is the order of the Skill-level symbols from good to bad:

  • β™”β™”β™”β™”β™”
  • β™•β™•β™•β™•β™•
  • β™—β™—β™—β™—β™—
  • β™˜β™˜β™˜β™˜β™˜
  • β™–β™–β™–β™–β™–
  • β™™β™™β™™β™™
  • β™”β™”β™”β™”
  • β™•β™•β™•β™•
  • β™—β™—β™—β™—
  • β™˜β™˜β™˜β™˜
  • β™–β™–β™–β™–
  • β™™β™™β™™β™™
  • β™”β™”β™”
  • β™•β™•β™•
  • β™—β™—β™—
  • β™˜β™˜β™˜
  • β™–β™–β™–
  • β™™β™™β™™
  • β™”β™”
  • β™•β™•
  • β™—β™—
  • β™˜β™˜
  • β™–β™–
  • β™™β™™
  • β™”
  • β™•
  • β™—
  • β™˜
  • β™–
  • β™™

What is Off-Axis?

Off-Axis means that the diver twists over his side intead of staying in the original axis.

You can achieve Off-Axis Twisting by holding the Tuck or Pike Position and the Twist-Button at the same time.

In Air Positions [Tuck->Pike->Straight]

With the TrickPad on your left you can switch between various In Air Positions.

You start off with Tuck, Pike and Straight and you can get more positions from the Shop.

Each flip can have a separate position. The last quarter, half or three quarter of the dive can have a separate position.
A 3 1/2 forward flip can therefore be in 4 different positions. The TrickText shows them in the order of the flips. For example: [Tuck->Pike->Straight->MethodGrab]

Take-Off Positions (Forward,Backwards,Reverse,Inward, Handstand…)

There are 12 different possible Take-Off-Positions. The position your diver is standing in enables you to chose between two Take-Offs by loading the right or left loading bar with the Charge-Button. Switch between them by turning around while standing on the tower with the Twist-Button:

  • (Handstand-) Forward
    • The player stands forward and rotates forward
  • (Handstand-) Backwards
    • The player stands backwards and rotates backwards
  • (Handstand-) Reverse
    • The player stands forward and rotates backwards
  • (Handstand-) Inward
    • The player stands backwards and rotates forward
  • (Handstand-) Sideways
    • The player stands sideways and rotates towards the open water
  • (Handstand-) Inward-Sideways
    • The player stands sideways and rotates towards the tower

To do these from a Handstand you will need to get the Handstand position in the Shop. Then you can go into a Handstand while standing on the Tower with the Handstand-Button.

Flipping in a Landing Position [pike->head-first]

You can do full flips, or part of them in the Landing Position, by pressing the Land-Button early.

For example: To achieve [pike->head-first] you need to do the first flip in a pike position and then press the Land-Button early enough to do the last 0.5 flips in the Landing Position Head-First

Change Profile Picture

You can change your profile picture in the App under Settings->Profile Settings. It will take you to a website with all your Profile Settings including your Profile picture.